Head feels stable through impact with above-average correction on off-center hits; clubface adjustability is a definite plus—simply dial in settings for consistent accuracy; some testers find that shots jump off the face; more traditional look is a big upgrade over recent Nike drivers; the long shaft gives you the sense that you’re swinging faster; better overall than the SQ Sumo Tour. If you optimize those figures with another shaft, you can give yourself several more yards, maximize your accuracy, and get the very best bang for your buck. While the package is perhaps not as sophisticated as some of the other designs we’ve seen, by Nike graphic standards, the VR has been toned down quite a bit. It possesses good looks plus above-average distance and forgiveness. We are on an absolutely astounding run of fantastic drivers.

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Overall the face is very similar to the Limited across the board. I done this crazy thing….

Nike Victory Red STR8-Fit Tour Driver

Yeah, put a low spin x-flex shaft in the Vr S and add about 30 yards!!! Loud impact sound; less-than-satisfying feel on mis-hits; some find the adjustable hosel to be cit visually prominent for an otherwise sleek package.

At address there’s very little fjt to like Those numbers are based on around 20 drives with the Nike compared to about 10 with nike golf str8 fit vr s other drivers. Perhaps we could have an MGSer who is both a quasi-club ho and involved in retail I know there is a guy like that here somewhere start a thread on this on the forum. Spending a day at the annual PGA Show demo day sounds like a golfer’s dream.

Nike Victory Red STR8-Fit Tour Driver |

Most significant is the absence of Nike’s Compression channel. Sorry I just could not resist. Too light and too soft. I know that on other forums, especially the one sponsored by that infamous magazine, a mph SS and mere carry pedestrian, but fkt here we are usually connected to the truth. The most pleasant surprise is that the technology feels as good if not better than a nike golf str8 fit vr s glued driver.

I bought this driver to add some distance to my drives. Just bustin your balls KFlare…lol. In the clubs defense I am coming from an old driver with a very underwhelming muffled sound. Chris 6 years ago. After a light warm up I hit what was left of a large nike golf str8 fit vr s with five different drivers taking around 5 swings with each. So yeah, given my personal history with Nike drivers, I was anxious to see what the guys at the Oven had cooked up for me this time around.

Me and lighter go together like hot cocoa and sugar peas, but I must say that Nike’s Fubuki K is more controllable than most. I added about 15 yards on my drives and this club flew them straight. Great review and an entertaining read. Customer Reviews Displaying 5 out of 6 Reviews.

THAT would also be a nice improvement…. Please enter a title for your review: The Adams was about 5 yards nike golf str8 fit vr s line to the right and the Nike was about 30!

Preowned Nike VR-S STR8-FIT Driver Black/Silver/Red Headcover

It certainly should be on your must-try list. Please enter a name. While the individual adjustment details aren’t quite as easy to comprehend as some of the other systems out there, use of L and R rather than a degree designation does make it relatively simple to grok on a higher level.

Want to test nike golf str8 fit vr s two different brands, or two different configurations? However, the company has now officially released both versions of the club and revealed more details about their design.

GolfSpy T Can we talk about me for a minute?

The guys were absolutely dialed in. The only commonality was that they were all a stiff flex. I think the weight is going to be the bigger issue for more golfers.

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