Net Framework 4.0.3019 Offline Installer.NET Framework – is the software platform released by Microsoft in 2002. The platform consists of two parts. The basis is the part of the runtime Common Language Runtime (CLR), which can carry both conventional programs and server applications. The second, equally important part of is class library Framework Class Library (FCL), comprising a plurality of components for working with databases, network, I / O, files, user interface, etc.

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Microsoft .Net Framework is a so-called software platform. In general, you can draw an analogy with video files that canot be played if the system does not have the codec. In this case, the video – is a program written using technology .Net, and codec – the platform Microsoft .Net Framework. Today .NET has become for the Internet the same than now is DirectX for the gaming industry, namely – the industry standard. Everyone should to install .NET mandatory – more and more sites and programs simply refuse to work without this package. In a sense, this is a kind of codecs for the Internet and a number of programs. From a technical point of view, one of the main ideas of Microsoft .NET is the compatibility of different services written in different languages.

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For example, the service written in C ++ for Microsoft .NET, may apply to the method of the class library written in Delphi.

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