Sony have produced the best Minidisc recorder with the N10, which is a special edition to celebrate 10 years after the first MD player. I got the battery, but now all of the images in your post are gone? Sony x x x x x x x x x x Photos: Japanese model ships with Japanese SonicStage, which cannot be installed on non-Japanese systems. Controls seem intuitive and easy.

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The original batteries are no longer available and as you say, Sony stopped production years ago – so many of n1 batteries fitted are at the end of their useful life.

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Next Page Sony MZ-N10 Review, December Introduction Over the last decade, the MiniDisc format has evolved from being marketed as a “replacement” to the CD format, to a viable replacement to the cassette format, m more recently to a competitor in the portable MP3 player market. PocketFad Shenzhen China has further photos of the unit.

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Sorry for nz English. Brian Youn’s comprehensive MZ-N10 review. Nice and small and light. Rehearsal and Bookmark Mode: You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. LP4 audio downloading at 64x realtime LP2 32x? More items related to this product. Thanks so very much!


AV Watch page mech. Sony has implemented track-division rehearsal – usually a feature only found on home decks. Visit Extended Warranty Support. Yes, because the battery is new they hold a full charge for a long time. Get access to all information, keep your product up n1 date and enjoy great deals. I don’t think SonicStage 1.

Sony Net MD MZ-N10 Personal MiniDisc Player

I would love to also try it on my E10 but I have heard it’s a much more involved task Not satisfied with those reviews? If you are not familiar with the MiniDisc format, I highly suggest taking a visit to www. A minor point maybe, but it is less convenient and you can’t monitor what you’re recording. I wanted to upgrade from two mid-range portable MiniDisc recorders to higher-spec machines and bought two excellent items on ebay from respected sellers.

Remove the back cover by taking out the remaining three screws – lift off scroll wheel edge first. I might give this a go on my N This MD machine looks great, has excellent build quality and sounds great thanks to the acoustic engine software.


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The N10 comes in two colors – silver and grey – both of which feature a glossy paint finish, a departure from the usual anodized finish on the N1 or other past units the glossy finish is similar to that found on the white model R and R Posted July n110, It’s why broadcasters, particularly radio news and sports reporters, use MD rather then iPods.

Then I disconnected the h10 cable to the scroll wheel and the battery.

Long ago I wanted to get this MD player. Because the battery already has its own protection module, it is not strictly necessary to use another effectively putting two protection circuits in seriesbut no harm in trying I have done this series arrangement in a JVC XM-R70SL and it works fine.

Sony x x x x x x x x x x Photos: