On the whole one can say that this menu structure is logical and intuitive. They improve color gradation and increase contrasts, thereby guaranteeing a clearer presentation of colors and details when displaying graphic information. If you can get these cheap, you won’t be disappointed. You may also like. Will the new product carry on the best traditions of the previous model?

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Contact Sales Contact Support. The buttons offer a large backlash, though they are quiet and operate with positive action. Subjective results As usual, the monitor is installed as a regular “wheelhorse” and tested in usual applications. On the other hand, its construction and color rendition settings are quite disappointing.


Perhaps, it’s high time for NEC to include freeware utilities to help users quickly calibrate their monitors. The monitor should primarily aid the user in his or her tasks, thanks to its outstanding picture quality and simple operation, making work an agreeable experience as possible. We were happy to see practically no trails after the black card backs. I had a good experience from this sale. This has no negative effect on the matrix — it still outputs DVD movie fast, practically without diffuseness.

Munich, 28 February — In the office and for small and medium sized businesses, inches is now the preferred monitor size. That’s why this effect can be called a feature rather than a bug. Watching concert records, we found no obvious differences from the NXi — the output speed didn’t allow to hide visual artifacts due to bad quality of the source material used for this DVD.

NEC LCDNX LCD Monitor | eBay

These monitors take abuse and last a long long time. You may have already guessed that card movements in Solitaire were visually ideal. Bottom line The NX looks like a step towards the price reduction and “averaging” in some respects.

NEC develops tailor-made solutions for its customers for the networked world: It’s a monitor with a totally renewed case, completely new menu both appearance and contentplus a built-in USB-hub Northern American market only.

Now you only have to press a joystick and adjust the necessary option nice and easy. It obviously llcd1970nx differently, but what was the matter? MultiSync 70 Series Color Brochure. The other channels are tuned quite adequately, as in the previous models. Prices listed are US minimum advertised pricing.

NEC MultiSync LCD1970NX 19″ LCD Monitor

Menu buttons do not look perfect in terms of design, but everything’s in its place. The NX has an updated NaviSet version, which allows to control monitor settings right on the Display system panel in Windows.

Scrolling texts and graphics left no trails, though text or small elements lost sharpness. It very easy to use I recommend this monitor to all. DV Mode profiles allow more successful fights with the enemy in a dark basement.

Additional Product Features Monitor Color. It has become more practical in other components. Let’s go into details On the whole one can say that this menu structure is logical and intuitive. multksync

Very dynamic episode with chases, bright backgrounds. But after the calibration it becomes almost But the factory color rendition has become worse and there is still no DVI cable. Any weak light source in front of the screen — and your eyes will see nothing criminal absolutely nothing. We’ll find out later whether it is connected with insufficient red channel or it’s “overcome” with blue. Most relevant reviews See all 7 reviews.