Mt65 Preloader DriverThis kind of driver has too little information about it across the internet but I will try to explain what it does and why do you need it. To make your phone work again and to recover it from the “brick” condition, you just have to install this driver to your Windows operating system and you will save your device by that. It is quite simple to install this driver because all you need is to follow the instruction that you will see below.

  • 1>take the battery ,sd ,sim out of the phone
  • 2>holding volume+ connect it to pc via usb(once you hear a sound from pc you can release volume+)
  • 3>open device manager(on computer search it or control panel)
  • 4>wait for 2-3 minutes
  • 5>you will hear a sound & other device will be displayed
  • 6>in other devices ->mt65xx pre-loader
  • 7>right click mt65xx preloader
  • 8>update driver
  • 9>locate the drivers provided according to your os(vista,win7,xp)
  • 10>it will do its work
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Well, this is you instructions how to install your new copy of the driver and how to work with it.
So, when you are done downloading your Mt65 Preloader Driver, please follow the instructions to make your device work fine. If you don’t have your copy of Mt65 Preloader Driver, just click the download button below and you will be able to have your copy of it for absolutely free. It is a great feeling when your phone is going back to normal state, so I hope that you will be able to perform this and revive your mobile phone or tablet.


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