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3ModernRcon is a remote control utility that has been designed specifically for remote control in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare servers. This amount of control offered over private and public servers is really an excellent one. ModernRcon 0.8 allows you to store multiple server information due to which there remains no requirement to remember all passwords and IPs.

This utility provides a nice, Java based user interface so that you can easily load maps, send messages, set up MOTDs, game types and server rules within a single click of the mouse. There is no requirement to type long commands and remembering them. It is fortunate that in this particular version is that rcon access is meant for other persons.

It means that you can give them limited rcon privileges to other users that include clan members for easy control of server on own. The utility is not without some minor glitches such as commands not working first time round. However, as stated in the version, complete release is about to take place in the forthcoming days.

There still exists a great rcon tool for CoD 6. It provides lots of control along with flexibility. It can be easily downloaded with the help of a single click.