04Mocking jay PDF is the final book of the Suzanne Collins trilogy and it is the third book in this series. This is related the contents based on the Hunger Games. At first the book was released in 2010 with the events can take place in the first book and Catching fire to be explained in the second book. And the final and third book consists of special games based on hunger to be failed.

Now the PDF formats of the book are available in the internet which was written by Suzanne Collins. This book can be published by Scholoastic Press which was published 20.2.2014. At first, English language only to be published. And now, moreover, these books are available in the audio format also. The basic themes are covered by self-sacrifice, hope, inequality, love, poverty and many more topics are covered under the book contents. It will become famous among the book readers.


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  1. The best series I’ve ever read. Something really fantastic! It took me 2 days to read each book. I like them all. I like all characters – Katniss, Peeta, Gale, Prim and even their cat. Bravo, Ms Collins! If you have weekend free, even if it isn’t free, just download it and immediately start to read. From the first book. You will not regret.

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