Milia Wars full download

milia wars
Milia wars is a classic Chinese game on a play board, and this is an attempt to bring it into the electronic world. It’s fairly rich graphics represent that of the actual playing board. It is classified as a ryona game, in which a female character is attacked or tortured by someone, more specifically in an erotic or perverted way.

Milia Wars Direct Download Link

It is comprised of a long level full of enemies that may want to do semi-erotic things to you, and you may have to defeat all of them to get to then of the game. Look out of hidden traps, and you should also collect stage items to increase your score. Download this game on our efficient link of our website given to you.

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  1. What the hell’s going on? It’s something ridiculous! If you are not freako, don’t want to be eaten or to eat someone else, you DON’T NEED THIS GAME.

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