Microsoft Wpd Enhanced Storage Password DriverYesterday I heard that many people are turning on their computer and seeing this error on the scree while loading – Microsoft Wpd Enhanced Storage Password Driver failed. The guy from Microsoft support said that the Microsoft WPD File System Volume Driver allows system to treat CF and SD cards as devices for Media Syncing. I think that since this problem is not so complex, but still, people are having difficulties with it, I can explain everything in this post.
First of all, this error can be cause by corrupt INF files. All you need to do is to copy good files from a Windows 7 computer to your computer that has this error. (c:\windows\inf) – these files must be copied. The reason I have made this post is that not many of us are having another computer to copy these files from. To make it easier, you can download these files from this blog. At the bottom of the page you will see a green clickable banner where you can download Microsoft Wpd Enhanced Storage Password Driver files.
You do not need to worry about any kinds of errors anymore. Just click the link below and download files to fix your system now. No registration, no personal data, absolutely free. Just read this post and make all the steps above to fix Microsoft Wpd Enhanced Storage Password Driver.


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