Microsoft Network Adapter Multiplexor DriverMultiplexor – is a network device intended for transmission over a high-speed communication speed line of less several streams (tributaries). Multiplexor – the device that has several of signal inputs, one or more control inputs and one output. The multiplexor can send a signal from one of the inputs to the output; and the choice of the desired input is performed by applying an appropriate combination of control signals. The main reason for multiplexing the signals is the high cost of communication channels and services and existing communication systems often employ a transmission medium completely. Installation of the multiplexer – it is usually much cheaper and takes less time than the establishment of new channels of communication. Multiplexers mainly differ in the way the seal channels in one stream. This may be frequency / spectral (FDMA), temporary (TDMA), codename (CDMA) or spatial (SDMA) multiplexing. In wired communication channels are usually used the first two methods, wireless uses just all four multiplexing method. An electronic multiplexer makes it possible for several signals to share one device or resource, for example one A/D converter or one communication line, instead of having one device per input signal. An electronic multiplexer can be considered as a multiple-input, single-output switch, and a demultiplexer as a single-input, multiple-output switch.
You connected multiplexor and it does not work? Then you need to download and install MICROSOFT NETWORK ADAPTER MULTIPLEXOR DRIVER.


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