Microsoft 2.4 Ghz Transceiver V7.0 DriverToday there are so many incredible technologies, but not every user knows how these things work, but that is not so important, the main thing that everything worked well. One such technology is the transceiver. TRANSCEIVER – is a device that transmits and receives signals between two physically different media communication system. It is receiver-transmitter, a physical device that connects a host interface with a LAN such as Ethernet. Ethernet transceivers contain electronic devices that transmit a signal to the cable and detecting collisions. Transceiver allows a station to transmit and receive from a network the transmission medium. Additionally Ethernet transceivers determine collisions in an environment and provide electrical isolation between the stations. Each transceiver has a special transformer for connection of network cable or the transceiver is connected to a cable by puncturing providing direct physical contact. The main technical parameters of the network 10Base5:
• The length of one segment ≤ 500 m.
• The maximum number of segments – 5.
• Maximum network length of 2.5 km.
• The maximum number of PC in one segment – 100.
• The minimum distance between the PC – 2.5 m.
• The maximum length of transceiver cable (The cable between the PC and the transceiver) – 50 m.
One of the most popular transceivers is MICROSOFT 2.4 GHZ TRANSCEIVER V7.0. Therefore often users have problems of setting this device. To avoid such problems download MICROSOFT 2.4 GHZ TRANSCEIVER V7.0 DRIVER!

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