Matrox G200eh DriverVideo cards were an important component of any digital computer after some small period of time of its existence. From the very beginning the image could be processed by the processor itself, but as the interface got more complex, it needed a different component to do the proper process and rendering of the real-time image. Nowadays you can see two big companies on the market that can offer something with good quality for a good price; these are nVidia and ATI Radeon. Yet, it wasn’t always like this, these two companies gained fast popularity and occupied all markets when the 3D technology began to be used. They offered devices with many 3D features, some prototypes, but in the end they proved the best. When the 2D graphics were still in the high tier, Matrox was among the top manufacturers of video accelerator chips.


In 1998, Matrox presented their powerful 2D accelerator chip called Matrox G200EH. This was a beast at that time, it had a very high performance with 2D images, but comparing with 3D the nVidia Riva TNT and S3 Savage 3D were faster. Even though the Matrox G200EH was slower, its overall image quality was the best, because only it supported 32-bit color depth. In the EH edition, were resolved the general issues of the G200 model, here was solved the problem with OpenGL support, which dramatically hurt the overall performance of the G200 series.

If you are on owner of the old Matrox G200EH video accelerator then you will most likely need its native driver. The latest driver of the Matrox G200EH can be downloaded directly from this site by clicking on the button below. The download is absolutely free!


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