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MASTERING CMAKE PDFNowadays programming is a very potential sphere of working. Many firms and companies are paying for the services that programmers provide. Big companies always need some fresh data base collection program, some presentation soft, a fresh new website, information protection and other digital things to be done. In most cases, the company will try to supply its workers with the same models of computers and with the same operation system. In this case developing a software will be an easier task, but if a number of workers are on Windows and the other on Unix or Mac, then the programmers will have some problems. Different operational systems have different libraries in its core so it’s impossible to run a Windows program on a Linux. Using an emulator may cause disturbances in the working process, so it’s better to write a different program or simply to convert it.


With CMake a programmer can develop an application for three various systems: Windows, Mac or Unix. It represents a cross-platform open-source software for managing the build process of a software. For Mac OS it uses the Xcode; for Windows it uses Microsoft Visual and for Unix command make. CMake generates native make files and work spaces that can be used in the compiler of the use system.

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