If you run a lathe workshop or involved with making or repair of chassis, you will find RDB050 to be an ideal tool for your work. This is a manual tube bender that was designed to help with bending jobs that are common in workshops. This tube bender is revolutionary in every sense of the word as it has a great design and capacity. It has a 3 bending speed ratchet mechanism that allows the user to bend tubes made from different materials. You can bend the tube to full 180 degrees without stopping and without requiring any drive arms. The speed of bending that you choose will depend upon the thickness of the tube and the material with which it is made. There is no need to reset the machine once you start ass it completes bending up to 180 degrees in one shot. Another great feature of this tube bender is that no assembly or disassembly is required to perform bending. Just walk up to this wonderful tube bender and insert the tube into the hook arm and start exerting pressure. Pull the bend out once you have completed the job and return the device to the home position. Get MANUAL TUBE BENDER RDB-050 here.


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