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Lyfe Jennings Lyfe 268-192 MP3 Online

Here is some good news for all you Lyfe Jennings fans out there. We have the most popular of Lyfe’s musical albums for you, called Lyfe 268-192. It was released on 17TH August 2004, and sold up to one million copies in the US. It consists of a total of 17 tracks, all of the genre of R&B. Listen to all of your favorite songs presented in one convenient folder for you. You won’t have to download each song separately. Click on the link below to get a fast speed download of this album, which is scanned and verified by a reliable antivirus program.


Lyfe Jennings Lyfe 268-192 Download

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  1. This album is autobiographical for Mr. Lyfe Jennings. My best song is “The Way I Feel about You” – about the dating of two people who are attracted to each other and everything is going right how it should be. Really great album, still enjoying it.

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