Lifco Dictionary English To Tamil PdfDictionaries – our assistants and teachers in the complex process of learning foreign language. The ability to competently use these wise books – is a big step towards knowledge. Many dictionaries neglected because fully trust computers, various computer translators who think instead them. And it is very bad. In a good dictionary can be found not just the meaning of the word, check the pronunciation and spelling, but also to learn the plural nouns, verb forms past, to check to which part of speech relates the word, to find a synonym or antonym of it, find another grammatical information about the verb, to find phrases and expressions with this word and examples of its use in a sentence. No matter of which format is dictionary – electronic, book or online. The main thing is that you want to use it, and then it will share the knowledge with you.
The LIFCO Publishers Pvt. Ltd. is a leading publishing firm in South India. It is famous for Dictionaries and its wide range of religious books. LIFCO’S Dictionaries are as popular as Oxford, Chambers, etc in South India. LIFCO’S first English–English– Tamil dictionary (with Meanings both in English and Tamil to Words in English) was published in 1950.
LIFCO DICTIONARY ENGLISH TO TAMIL will be very helpful in learning of the both languages. In this book the meanings of words are first given in simple everyday English and their simple Tamil equivalents are also furnished.
Knowledge adorn person, so download LIFCO DICTIONARY ENGLISH TO TAMIL PDF from the link below and try to raise your level of knowledge.


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