L Uragano Di Un Batter D Ali PdfA good reader knows that out there exists an uncountable number of books that just wait to be read. There are dozens of books that can be put in a favorite by each individual and hundreds of them for a pleasant literature time. The book genres are so diverse that you can find something for your pleasure from sci-fi to historical; from comedy to drama and many others. A fair popularity has books written in the dramatic genre, describing the relationship between a man and a woman. It is always interesting to see how the author sees this relationship with his / her eyes. These books are especially popular among inexperienced girls, which are too shy to ask these kinds of questions to parents and still haven’t found that boy. So they tend to read these kinds of books to get some kind of understanding and still spend their time with pleasure reading a good book.

A fairly good book of this genre can serve “The hurricane of a blink of an eye” (original name “L’uragano di un batter d’ali”) by Sara Tessa. The book will describe a complex relationship between Sophie Lether and Adam Scott. Their relationship started in a rather difficult period of time, for both of them. Initially they didn’t want anything serious, but in a short period of time it evolved into something much more. Yet, the adults understand the responsibilities they have and decide what to do.

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