Ky Rd9700 DriverThe USB bus appeared on the chronology of the computer world for a long time – the first version of this standard was released in January 1996. The creation of this standard was initiated by quite reputable companies – Intel, DEC, IBM, NEC, Northen Telecom and Compaq. The main purpose of the standard, which stood in front of its creators – is to make a real opportunity for users to work in a Plug & Play mode with peripheral units. This means that there must be a real device to connect to a running computer, then automatic recognition of it by system immediately after the connection and the consequent installation of the required drivers.
Searching for available port of any computer external device can be a very hard task, especially when you’re in a hurry. The task becomes even more difficult, and causes irritation, if you are constantly using multiple devices – then you, accordingly, need more ports for these devices. An additional difficulty is waiting for you if interface that are using your device -have no USB, – all because modern computers, or reduce, or sometimes even stop the use of other types of ports. Here to help us USB-adapter comes.
It can prove troublesome being an owner of a computer that does not have a port for the standard of RJ45 Ethernet cable or a laptop that does not have a built in Wi-Fi. This problem can be easily removed with the help of the KY RD9700 – RJ45 to USB2.0 adapter.
If the system requests the driver for this device then you can download KY RD9700 DRIVER for free at the link below this text.


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