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Specifying image quality according to the quality of the original Load the original. Select whether to synchronize the SMTP authentication with the user authentication of this machine. Select this check box to divide an E-mail. Select a search text. How can I send clear images of text in a fine font or of photos? If the computer name or domain name is unknown, check it in the following procedure. Confirm whether there is a problem in the certificate chain certificate path.

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In the administrator mode, select oknica Settings] – [Machine Setting], and enter the E-mail address of the administrator of this machine into [E-mail Address] using up to characters, excluding spaces.

You need to create a User Box beforehand. How to set Tap [Job List]. In addition, configure settings for connecting to the E-mail server POP used for authentication.

Check for the following items: Enter the size to divide an E-mail. Simply specify an E-mail address for the destination, and you can send the data as an attachment.

Reference For details, refer to Here. If a warning about paper addition, toner replacement, paper jam, etc. Is the correct address of the FTP server registered in [Host Address] of the destination settings of this machine.

You can find the user name on the command prompt cmd. It is possible to send a large volume of scan data from the machine to the shared folder created on the Windows computer supporting SMB protocol on the network. The mail soft without the restore function may not read the divided E-mail. Once you have registered a one-touch or group destination, you can recall it by simply tapping the assigned key.

Enter the registration name for the one-touch destination. Normally, you can use the original port number. Select this check box to transmit E-mails.

Web Management Tool

The E-mail address entered here is used as a sender address From address of E-mails to be sent from this machine. Enter the same name as the one registered. Confirm whether CN Common Name of the certificate matches the server address.

You can sort destinations by registration name. Using a packet capture c325, I was able to see why it was not working and able to resolve. Click the [Security] tab and click [Edit].

Now click on the Network Tab. XPS Viewer has automatically been installed if Microsoft. You can now scan on the copier to your share. The Scan to E-mail is a function that transmits original data scanned on this machine as E-mail attachment.

Use a LAN cable for network connection. If the problem cannot be solved even after checking for the above points, contact your administrator.

You minolya share data easily without configuring a full-scale FTP server. Select this check box to use the SMTP authentication. Register the destination SMB server to the machine on the touch panel of the main body.

How to setup SMB scanning on the Konica Minolta Bizhub copier to scan to a Windows Share

The following information is necessary to register the destination SMB server shared folder to the machine. Recently I had a customer who needed us to setup the ability to scan to a SMB share. How to create and set a shared folder differs depending on the settings and environment of the computer used. Tap [Application] to select [Original Type], then select an option according to quality of the original to be scanned.

If you restrict the size of an E-mail to be sent in your environment, konicq [Limit].