Klinic Slab FontEnjoy a little bit of classic hand and beautiful lines in this Klinic Slab Font. It comes in four weights and italics, this font family will only look great and perfect on your banners, sign or documents. It was released by Lost Type Co-Op, that worked their best to get this font to a high-level tier. It has lots of functionality and personality in these letters and lines, that look great. You can combine them with different colours like yellow, red and green.
If you are a newbie designer or just a man or a woman that loves art – be free with your imagination with the use of this font, because it will decorate absolutely any sign, invitation, document or even a note and will turn it into a small piece of art. There was a study that showed that people that are reading text that was typed with this font are 30% happier. They are smiling a lot more and their mood turns just right. You might get someone happy by just writing a note with this this awesome font.
If you want to have a copy of Klinic Slab Font installed on your computer, just click the download button below. It will give you all the files you need. Just open your Fonts folder and unpack font files there. After that restart your computer just in case that all the font styles will be installed automatically into every single directory. You can use it via Microsoft Word or Photoshop – anywhere you want. Only here you will have a free copy of Klinic Slab Font for your use.