Kinamax Ts-9900 DriverHave you ever had a feeling that your laptop’s Wi-Fi power is too low compared to the other models or did you get frustrated that your desktop computer doesn’t have an integrated Wi-Fi module? Well, if your one of those people then you certainly searched for an answer to your problem and found out that exists the Wireless USB adapter. These adapters are connected to your computer via a USB supported version port and act as a Wi-Fi module.

They are usually powerful, compared to standard integrated Wi-Fi modules from budget and medium priced laptops. Finding the right one is the key to save time, money and nerves for years ahead. Usually wireless USB adapters have a wireless connection speed starting from 150Mbps while the data transfer speed is limited by the version of your USB port and the supported version of the model.


A wireless USB adapter that displays great performance for a fair amount of cash is the Kinamax TS-9900. This adapter uses a USB 2.0 port for entrance and offers a total wireless speed up to 150Mbps. It uses IEEE 802.11 b/g connection for wireless transmission and IEEE 802.11n for Internet data transmission. The total output power of the device is 30dBm / 5800mW and the antennas power is 58dBi, which offers a wide range for connection.

If you are a lucky owner of the Kinamax TS-9900 then you will definitely need its driver. Without the Kinamax TS-9900 driver the device won’t be recognized by the computer to which it is connected. You can download a genuine Kinamax TS-9900 driver directly from our website by clicking on the button below. The download is 100% free!