Karthika Puranam In Telugu PdfIf you are not familiar with Hindu traditions and celebrations, you should read about Karthika Puranam. It is a very interesting celebration (puranam) in Hindu culture. According to Hindu traditions Kartika Puranam is one of the most popular parts of the year for Hindu people. The interesting part of this celebration is that people are telling a story on the evening of every day of 10-days celebration. Skanda Puranam is one of the 18 major epics of the Hinduism.
These short stories are divided into 30 easy-to-understand chapters. Each chapter stands for each day of a Hindu holy month of Kartika Masam. It comes usually in the middle of October or early November and stays for 30 days. If you want to know correct dates, you can look them up in Panchangam. Here are some of the plots in stories that are told during this magnificent celebration of Kartika Puranam:

  • -Day One – The power of the Kartika Somavaram
  • -Day Two – Dog gets Kailasam enrty after observing
  • -Day Three – Deepa Daana mantra and others

If you want to read all these stories and celebrate Karthika Puranam with your friends, you will need to download this perfect book, that has all the stories and explains everything to you. Click on the button below to download Karthika Puranam In Telugu Pdf for free. Karthika Puranam In Telugu Pdf has all the information about Hindu traditions and one of the most popular of Hindu months in the year.

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