Jperf is a framework that allows for running and writing scalability and performance tests that are automated. There are many applications that have been designed to measure the performance of bandwidth of the users. But people find most of them complicated and with features that are useless or redundant. This is certainly not the case with Jperf as it can calculate maximum UDP and TCP without requiring any special setting on the part of the user. This utility can be employed as a frontend of Iperf that is the most popular bandwidth measurement tool out there on internet. You can easily measure latency as well as thorough put with growing number of threads. As it is a Java based tool, you can use it to measure the performance of all Java codes. You can also use it to measure the efficacy and efficiency of any performance optimizing tool that you may have employed. You can easily get JPERT download from internet for free. You are no longer required to become habitual of the parameter of the command line. This tool also enhances the program with new features and functionalities. You need to mention the port number and the host address with which you want to connect to.