John P. Kee & New Life – Life & Favor free MP3 download

John P Kee has got sky reaching success and popularity among music admirers of the world through his album life and favor. The album splashed music market the era it was released. Everyone started appreciating the songs included in the album. The songs in the album were full of emotional expression and passionate lyrics. That’s why; after the short period of its release, the album got appreciations from music class and musical awards from big music authorities. Some of the songs of the album won heart of even those who were not natives. To download John P Kee Life and Favor free, just click on the link.


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  1. Great album! Great gospel artist! JPK is really gifted from the LORD. If you need a word of encouragement, listen to John P. Kee’s album “Life and favor” and you will understand how much the Lord loves you.

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