Jingga Dalam Elegi EbookIn our present world, less time is devoted to reading, people are much more interesting to sit at the computer, in which there are increasing number of new and interesting games, software, already bored but to everyone so necessary social networks. Reading books in our rapid time is considered as not fashionable employment. The information space is so great that people often do not open bookcases at home for months, do not go to the library, and often get information from electronic sources. The ability to communicate with the book is the key to become a successful person in life. The book – it’s not just printed text, and this is a huge amount of information. Often the book can even change human life and destiny. The main problem of publicism of twenty-first century is the speed of publishing works (speed of printing). Books are being published in two – three weeks, and absolutely everyone can take advantage of this rapid publication of his creations, sometimes even bypassing censorship control. Therefore, today we have a huge variety of artistic works, but not all of them are “edible”. Among such a variety of books hard to find a good, in the hands of which will be pleasant and interesting to spend an evening. Especially now are produced many books of amateur writers, whose works first was released in the Internet.
JINGGA DALAM ELEGI is the book written by Esti Kinasih, Indian young writer. It is a book about friendship, love and happiness.
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