02The multi platform independent manager for downloading the files from several file hosting services is Jdownloader. It fully runs on the Java 1.5 and Open Source GPL and many higher than this. For all the hosting services the premium accounts are used to download the split files quickly and easily on the user system. The user can download these files from online hosting services. The user can download it from any website. The multiple files can be downloaded by the user where the toll itself solves the CAPTCHAs and the file is extracted automatically by using the password.

It also helps to decrypt the files like CCF, DLC extensions and RSDF. It not only helps the user to download files, it also helps them to download the videos from Vimeo, YouTube, Clipfish and even MP3. The files are easily decrypted by using the 300 decryption plugins. It is free source where it downloads the file from various websites.


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