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Jasper Daniels FontSurely, connoisseurs of fine drinks noticed that almost all the bottles of world famous brands have an original shape, which, in turn, makes it possible to learn this or that kind of alcohol among thousands of others. It is no exception and the famous Tennessee whiskey Jack Daniel’s Old №7. Jack Daniel’s – popular brand of American whiskey (a subspecies of Tennessee whiskey) and blends.

It is produced in distilleries in the city of Lynchburg, United States, since the XIX century. The beverage is made from 80% corn, 12% rye and barley 8% based on the pure spring water and eventually contained about 40% alcohol. Filtering whiskey comes through wood charcoal of American maple. The filtration process using the charcoal gives a special mild flavor and aroma. The bottle, which placed this truly legendary drink has a unique square shape.


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Since the beginning of his career, Jack Daniel tried by all means to become depart from the standards. So, from 1866, he puts on still then clay bottle, sealed with stoppers of balsa wood, its name, thus distinguishing them from the crowd. And even when in 1870 have appeared bottles of glass, Daniel decided to change the shape of a bottle of whiskey. This bottle is known worldwide not only for a great taste of whiskey in it, but also due to the excellent design of the bottle and label.

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You can add to your job a little creativity of Jack Daniel’s using the same font from the bottle. Download JASPER DANIELS FONT absolutely for free from the link below.