Isocpeur FontIn various fields of science and technology is used a variety of fonts (letters, numbers, symbols). From a modern point of view, the problem of fonts – is the problem of rapid and accurate recognition of inscriptions naked or unaided eye, or “read” the device in an environment where sign is fixed, and “observer” is in motion, and vice versa. Therefore, to the quality of writing on educational drawings need to be taken seriously. Gradually, the centuries-old experience in the drawings and their use in the production led to the development of special drawing font.
The need for such font arises from engineering students, who have to deal with descriptive geometry, drawing. But also students from other disciplines are often forced to draw their lab work, explanatory notes of student projects on a standard sheet with the standard framework. Here also may be useful such a font for signing framework schemes, drawings. In addition, designers are often used such a font for styling developments of engineering direction.
The easiest option – is to set such a font on your computer, you can use it in all standard applications, starting with the Word editor and finishing, such as special programs. In other words, you can use it in any application that supports Windows fonts.
The ISOCPEUR FONT is drawing font that you can use in lab works, different projects or other serious works that require strictness and clarity.
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