Iskoola Pota FontAlmost all of us long ago lost the habit to write by hand, because the pen and paper, we replaced with the computer monitor and keyboard. Writing accessories we use only when it is necessary – for example, when you need to sign the document. However, work on the formation of a calligraphic skill – it’s not only the art of writing clear, beautiful handwriting: it is the development of tactile, visual and auditory memory of the human; is a way of creative self-expression; is the formation of aesthetic taste. After all, this skill is not formed in isolation, but in conjunction with reading, spelling, writing development. Typing the text on your computer, the human no longer thinks about spelling or punctuation. A special program will allocate the error and will give the right answer. There will be only to accept by pressing “OK”. Why to apply effort for carefully and accurately rewriting the text if the required passage you can copy and paste into your work, not even getting a grasp. Also you can choose any font by a simple keystroke. It is a great advantage because the number of fonts on your computer is great. Unlike handwriting – human has it one. Therefore, the printing is very convenient – if you need to write a term paper, you are using a regular font if the greeting or message – you can choose more beautiful font.
On the link below you can find ISKOOLA POTA FONT that for sure will be a nice addition to your collection and an excellent assistant in the work.


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