Intellipoint Intellitype Nuid Filter DriverActually Intellipoint Intellitype Nuid Filter is a software that was made by Microsoft. It was created to support Microsoft mice. Versions of this driver were both released for Windows and Mac OS X. This software will be available and suited only with specific Microsoft mice. Here is a small list of mice that it supports:

  • -IntelliMouse Explorer 4.0
  • -Basic Optical Mouse v2.0
  • -Optical Mouse by Starck
  • -Mobile Memory Mouse 8000
  • -Comfort Optical Mouse 3000
  • -Comfort Optical Mouse 500 v2.0
  • -Wireless IntelliMouse Explorer 2.0
  • -Wireless Notebook Laser Mouse 6000
  • -Wireless Notebook Presenter Mouse 8000
  • -Wireless Optical Mouse 2000

Features may be available with certain mice models. You can access certain features by just opening Microsoft Mouse in System Preferences. There you can find all the check boxes that you can activate/deactivate. In previous versions were available functions like “ALT+TAB” and scrolling the whole page up and down. With this driver you can adjust your mouse sensitivity and DPI.
If you need to download Intellipoint Intellitype Nuid Filter Driver for free, just scroll this post down and you will see a green banner. Click on it and you will download Intellipoint Intellitype Nuid Filter Driver without registration and for no cost at all. Install this driver with a simple click and you will be able to adjust your Microsoft mouse as you want and to add some pretty cool features too.

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