Intel Play Qx3 Microscope DriverMicroscope – a device designed to produce magnified images and measure objects or details of the structure, invisible or poorly visible to the naked eye. The first microscopes, invented by mankind, were optical, and their first inventor is not easy to distinguish and name. The earliest records of microscope relate to 1590 and the city of Middelburg, in the Netherlands, and is associated with the names of John Lippersgeya and Zacharias Jansen which were engaged in manufacturing of glasses. Later, in 1624, Galileo Galilei represents his compound microscope, which he originally called “occhiolino.” A year later, his friend at the Academy Giovanni Faber proposed for a new invention, the term microscope.
Children microscope rarely is able to obtain impressive results, but it cannot be called a toy. Your child will just delight from those mysteries of the microworld that opened in front of him. If a child like observing, research, science, children’s microscopes – that’s what he wants. These devices transform an apartment in a science lab. Physics, chemistry, biology – everything is getting closer. With these toys children gain knowledge in an accessible, playful way earlier than they will study these topics in school. Also, children’s microscopes are essential for pupils who want to expand their knowledge.
The QX3 is a small electronic microscope produced by the Intel Play product line. It can be connected by USB port and used by INTEL PLAY QX3 MICROSCOPE DRIVER that you can download for free from the link below.


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