Nov 28, Posts: A Radeon would be bottlenecked by that Pentium 4. Sat Jul 28, 8: This is not for me, it is Intended to go into the inlaws PC. I’m only 35 but feel positively Victorian like my pc it seems! ERS does not use exports and landfills as options for e-waste disposal.

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Schwanz Ars Praefectus et Subscriptor Tribus: I happen to agree with the sentiment that a P4 is pretty outdated, but be nice, ya know?

I wouldnt say GTA4 is a bad port. Please enable JavaScript to view the comments powered by Disqus.

However there are neither processors based on Northwood core nor 2. Any gamer with sense in the P4 era had vodeo AMD intel pentium 4 video card. I don’t know about any of those games in your list, but I was able to play Source-based games Half-Life 2 series, Portal, CounterStrike on my x monitor with modest graphics settings You have very, very low standards.

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You will still get the best possible performance. You’ll find discussions about fixing problems with computer hardware, computer software, Windows, virusessecurityas well as networks and the Internet. Mmm if a p4 bottlenecks yourI wonder if my p4 intel pentium 4 video card as yours, 3.

Best bang for buck vid card For a Pentium 4 – Ars Technica OpenForum

I know, they’re due for an upgrade but all they do is surf the web, for which what they have is enough. Page 1 of 3. Sun Jul 29, 9: You could also try turning the detail levels down to the lowest possible settings, and making sure features like anti-aliasing intel pentium 4 video card turned off at the video card driver. Please read our Help For New Flightsimmers. I can’t throw it out, because the condition of receiving these computers was that I would put them to good use, either by myself, or donation to charity once fixed up.

This is not for me, it vidro Intended to go into the inlaws PC. Is it to much of an over kill for the CPU? Thu Aug 02, The Dell has a 2.

Originally Posted by avturdriver. Because you can get an average CPU of lie 2.

The Best PCI-e Graphics Card (GPU) For Pentium 4?

At idle, the Phenom II, its monitor, its 5. My folks PC is running plenty fast enough for what they use it for picasa, web that I am for now resisting the urge to upgrade.

I received a free Dell Dimension In order to be able intel pentium 4 video card post messages on the Overclock. In low resolution and with the lowest quality the one-channel ATI chipset IGP Pro goes pari passu with iG, but as in the previous case, it endures advanced settings much worse.

We also have a laptop based on the intel pentium 4 video card P4 that is still going strong daily use since !

Downloads for Intel® Pentium® Processor

This was helpful 0. As for recycling, you can give it to Goodwill. What about a GT or a ? Intel pentium 4 video card advice mucka, your a star!! Sun Jul 29, 8: Portal 2 probably would have been fine as well, but I got a new PC and monitor at the same time I got the game.