Intel Corporation 82801eb Er Ich5 Ich5r Ac97 Audio Controller DriverAlternatively referred to as a sound board or audio card, a sound card is an expansion card or integrated circuit that provides a computer with the ability to produce sound that can be perceived by the user through a peripheral device like speakers or headphones. Although the computer does not need a sound device to function, they are included on every machine in one form or another; either in an expansion slot (sound card) or on the motherboard (onboard). Most of your music collection is probably in digital format, either on CDs or as files on your computer. In order to be able to listen to your music, an audio card converts digital data to analog sound waves you can actually hear. The output signal is then connected to a headphone or set of speakers. You can also use a sound card to record audio with a microphone. The sound card’s four main functions are: as a synthesizer (generating sounds), as a MIDI interface, analog-to-digital conversion (used, for example, in recording sound from a microphone), and digital-to-analog conversion (used, for example, to reproduce sound for a speaker). The three methods of sound synthesis are through frequency modulation (FM) technology, wavetable, and physical modeling.
Like other devices a sound card needs the software, too. If your computer cannot set the soundcard and you cannot listen music or watch movies, then this page is what you need. Click «DOWNLOAD» and upload the INTEL CORPORATION 82801EB ER ICH5 ICH5R AC97 AUDIO CONTROLLER DRIVER absolutely for free!

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