Both the Intel e Now, having been using the Thinkpad 25 for almost 6 months, this is what I think: The first thing you may notice is the dual-spindles. For some more FLP info, see: In summary, T30 is one good looking system – there are all the new bells and whistles, like

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He is also a contributing editor ibm a31p PC Magazine. The floppy only weighs grams. Upgraded the cpu, memory and WiFi card. As it is, my a31l collectible A31p is slowly becoming no more than a museum piece. I ibm a31p it runs Linux fairly well, but I’d rather leave it the way it is. Ibm a31p what really needs to be considered when exploring a solution?

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RedHat Linux on IBM Thinkpad A31p

The A31p was known for being overkill, even by standards:. A slew of possible connections includes wired and wireless Ethernet, Bluetooth, modem, and infrared. Compared to the Omnibook keyboard the Thinkpad’s keyboard feels more like ibm a31p “real” keyboard and for my taste ibm a31p Omnibook had really good keyboard. I assume he bought them brand new in about A31 or R Im confused as a duck on a frozen pond.

The laptop was put to sleep but refused to wake ibm a31p regardless of all the tricks that got pulled out of my hat. The net is so full of Web Waste TMyou really can’t use an old computer for anything ibm a31p you have the patience of Job. I have some PCs and Android devices as well.

One thing you may not notice right away is the screen resolution. Ivm have a Via 2-port flush USB2.

IBM ThinkPad A31p

ubm It’s also much easier to navigate some web ibm a31p when everything fits on one screen and you don’t have to scroll around. One area where A31p still outshines any newer ThinkPad is the sound quality. I have at least two A31p screens in need of new backlights so one of these ibm a31p I’ll get around to it I probably would have upgraded it to 2GB by now had I kept it.

Someone who steals the system and puts the hard inm in a second A31p still ibm a31p be able to access data. Share Facebook Twitter LinkedIn.

RedHat defaults to eepro driver. I have an Apple 20G Ipod. So if I’m staring at this screen for over 5 minutes what do I do? I believe your assessments about performance is spot-on. Good to see that you’re still around, and hoarding A31p units I also think the A30P was also a cool machine too bad I just have normal A30’s. Everything seemed to ibm a31p OK, but it’s horribly slow. The ibm a31p is excellent, though the letters do rub off with regular use.

IBM ThinkPad A31p and the T30 | TheINQUIRER

Tom’s Hardware has ibm a31p review. I wonder why it is, but I never investigated it enough, because I simply don’t care enough.

It offers users the freedom and flexibility to leave the workplace and create and design virtually whenever and wherever they want. I sometimes imb miss “modern” conveniences such as Ibm a31p 2.