Huawei Hg533 ManualNowadays with the fiber technology, internet has grown to unimaginable speeds. Fifteen years ago the maximum speed you could see was 56kbps through a direct telephone cable connection – TeleCom. And today, you can easily afford a 100Mbps speed internet, faster speed is also available, yet their cost can’t be afforded by anyone. Before fiber technology, internet signals were transmitted in electrical form from the emitter up to the receiver through a copper cable, yet nowadays the electrical signal goes only the first and last 100m of copper cable (in FTTH example) while the intermediary path is fiber where the signal is optical. With such speed and quality it was necessary to introduce intermediary devices such as switches, power generators, regenerators, routers and other. A complex system that is run by a wide range of devices interconnected and dependent to one another.


A router that has a fair popularity among the general population is the Huawei HG533. The Huawei company is known for its direct inclination to telecommunications solutions and has a good portion of the Chinese and world market in its control. The Huawei HG533 provides its user with all the necessary to distribute the internet on its premises through 4 Ethernet cables or through a Wi-Fi coverage. The Ethernet speed goes up to 100Mbps while the Wi-Fi is about 54Mbps.

There are various features and options the Huawei HG533 has in its menu. To know what and how to setup it is important to read the Huawei HG533 user manual before using the device. A perfect copy of the manual can be downloaded by clicking on the button below. The download is 100% free!

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