Hp 2005pr Usb 2.0 Port Replicator DriverIn portable computers, unlike desktop, always felt the lack of ports and connectors: If in PC is always simply to add the desired controller or an additional bar, the owners of laptops had to be content with only those set of ports, which the manufacturer has managed to place at the side of the machine. In order not to lose potential customers of laptops, manufacturers have come up with a docking station and port replicator. These small set-top box are connected to the laptop and provides them with a full set of ports and connectors, which can come in handy for PC owners: a few extra USB, PS / 2 connector, video output VGA, S-Video and DVI, analog and digital audio ports, PCMCIA slot or ExpressCard and even ports LPT and COM. Docking Station is a module with a special connector, which corresponds to the port on the side or on the bottom of the laptop and the computer is mounted on the dock on top such on the stand. In addition to additional ports and connectors in the docking station can be integrated power supply. In the “dock” can be provided and additional compartments for the battery, hard drive or optical drive.
HP 2005PR USB 2.0 PORT REPLICATOR is a dock station of the most famous computer brands. This replicator provides 4 USB ports, HDMI port and some others. It will be very useful for laptop and netbook users.
To use this device in compatibility with your computer you need to install necessary software. You can download HP 2005PR USB 2.0 PORT REPLICATOR DRIVER from the link after the post.