Hodgdon 2013 Annual Reloading Manual is the 10th edition of this manual that is a treasure house of information on reloading pistols and rifles. This book contains more than 5000 loads and updates on 37 pistol and rifle cartridges. There is 160 pages of data in this manual that is full of valuable information making this manual a bible for reloading. There are scores of articles written by experts in this field and descriptions of powders from brands like Winchester, IMR, and Hodgdon. This manual is priced at $8.99 and it can be purchased from newsstands. From load data to reloading techniques, this manual contains everything that a reloader will ever need. There is fresh content in this manual in the form of data for 19 new cartridges. You get to know how to load cartridges with Copper Fouling Eraser, which is the name for CFE 223 Rifle Powder. This is not all as this manual also has detailed information about almost all the popular cartridges being sold in the market today. After buying this manual, you will never need to buy any other book for your reloading requirements. If you are already making use of Hodgdon powder, this is an invaluable book for you.

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