halo2-01In the first Halo game, the covenants were defeated but that win by humans has been proved a temporary one. Aliens have only renewed their attack and will try to wipe out the humanity. Though the military of the humans and their master chief try their best to prevent covenants from breaching their defences the aliens have done just that leaving the humans vulnerable. Here there is an opportunity for players that play the role of master chief to save the humanity from alien attacks. When played in the single player mode Halo 2 provides the player with the opportunity to use his creativity in order to plan his strategy in saving the humanity. Even the multiplayer mode has improved a lot when compared to the previous edition of the game. When played on the Xbox, the player has the ability to go online and play the multiplayer mode. You have the option to download Halo 2 keygen here and enjoy the game.


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