Guild Wars is a MMORPG game. It’s a very competitive online role playing game developed by ArenaNet. Despite it being classified under MMORPG, there are a number of ways it differs from most of the games in the same genre. For instance, the gameplay is quite different. The predominant mode of play is player vs. player. In fact, Guild Wars is marketed as a competitive role playing game rather than MMORPG. There are two types of game modes that are available to the players. There is the competitive version which is more popular and then there is the cooperative game mode. The game is mainly hosted by the creators’ servers although there are a couple of stand-alone mini packs. The setting of the game is in a fantasy world where the different campaigns take place at different locations. To access all of the game’s features, one requires a genuine activation key. Download the Guild Wars keygen here and have a fully functional license key.

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