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Gray'S Anatomy 40th Edition Pdf“Gray’s Anatomy” – is a popular English-language textbook of human anatomy, recognized as classic. First textbook was published in the UK under the name of “Gray’s Anatomy: Descriptive and Surgical theory” in 1858, a year later – in the United States.

Dissecting unclaimed corpses from the workhouse and hospital morgue on the basis of the Anatomical Act of 1832, Gray and Carter worked for 18 months on the material that formed the basis of the book. Exploring the anatomical changes in infectious diseases, Gray contracted smallpox from the dying nephew and died at age 34, shortly after the second edition of the textbook (1860). Work on the textbook has been continued by other specialists, the book has withstood many editions. September 26, 2008 was released the anniversary 40th British edition, edited by Professor Susan Standring.


Gray’s Anatomy 40th Edition eBook

Each section has been reorganized by an editor, expert in the field, assisted by a group of contributors, and scrutinized by a panel of international reviewers. Anatomists, embryologists, cell biologists, surgeons, radiologists and other clinicians have brought their extensive experience to update the text and artwork. In short, the 40th edition of Gray’s Anatomy is not only the most complete textbook of anatomy on the market but is possibly the most complete anatomical atlas available.

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