Gphc Pre Reg ManualPharmaceutics is a very complex and time consuming field. Here, you have to know literally a lot more theory than any other doctor, because you have to deal with various cases and prescribe the right treatment. No wonder medical universities have the longest learning period, the amount of required theoretical and practical information is quite high, because after the university on your actions will depend other lives, so you have to be ready for that. A pharmacists role is as important as any other doctors, therefor his learning and training program has to be at the same level. For future and current pharmacists are organized various training and development programs by the General Pharmaceutical Council. These programs recover some past theories that were acquired at the university as well as other interesting information that is described in some books or generally could be acquired only on the practical field. These programs have a limited amount of places each year and the selection process is quite harsh.

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The General Pharmaceutical Council developed a GPhcC Pre Reg manual that relays to its reader all useful information and activities that can interest. The information described in this manual will help anyone to be ready for the upcoming selection and the learning year in general. If you are interested in the GPhC program then we recommend you to download their manual and be ready for any situations that may appear ahead of you. By clicking on the button below you will receive for free a fresh copy of the GPhC Pre Reg manual. The download is 100% free!

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