Glow Worm Flexicom 30cx ManualGlow Worm Flexicom 30cx is one of the best combi boilers in the market. It is available in 24, 30 and 35 kW outputs. Heat up your water with less power needed. This boiler has a rear flue and it is the first high efficiency boiler in the UK. Also, it has an optional glide down plug in timer, so that your water will always be ready in time. Just turn the timer on before going to work and after you return the water will be waiting for you. The main reason why people are using this boiler is because it is very easy to install and its compact dimensions are making it to fit in every single room.
Here is a list of key features, if you are interested in buying this fabulous boiler.

  • -Inbuilt frost protection
  • -Optional upward piping kit
  • -5 second hot water delivery (measured at tap 1m from boiler)
  • -High Efficiency & NOx Class 5
  • -Advanced diagnostics
  • -Fits standard kitchen cupboard

This boiler should be a very helpful machine in each and every house.
To know more about this great product just download this Glow Worm Flexicom 30cx Manual, that has absolutely everything inside. There you will find an installation instruction, many descriptions about features, that are represented by this device and many more. Click on the download button below and you will get you free copy of Glow Worm Flexicom 30cx Manual. We hope that it will be very helpful and it will tell you a lot more about this great product. Don’t forget that this is the most convenient model on the market.