Gigaware Usb Serial Cable DriverDigital technologies have a history of about 50 years, and in this amount of time the data transfer speed and quality has grown exponentially. The devices that we see nowadays weren’t always present, a mere 20 years back data transfer of 54kbps was something phenomenal for people, yet now some people are unsatisfied with a 54Mbps transfer speed. Ridiculous isn’t it? Even though most people have moved to the high-tech devices that use standard transfer ports of today’s technologies, some people still use in some occasions old devices that use the old serial transfer protocol. The serial transfer protocol is often referred to the RS-232 transfer protocol. To connect a serial cable device to a modern USB you will need a special adapter.

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The Gigaware company released their USB to serial cable to resolve this issue for their customers. The cable itself represents a six foot cable that links the traditional serial (DB9) interface to the Universal Serial Bus interface. The device doesn’t require external power, because it powers itself from the USB connection. The serial to USB cable has a full automatic support for true bi-directional communication and allows the use of serial devices though the USB.

If you are an owner of the Gigaware USB to serial cable then you most likely understand that it requires its native driver installed for a proper work pace. From this site you can easily download the Gigaware USB to serial cable driver by clicking on the link below. The download is 100% free!


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