Ghost Win 7 Da Cau Hinh Tu Nhan DriverWorking on computers, we necessarily communicate with operating systems. Operating system – is the heart of the computer software, the shell in which there are all basic actions. And the operating system, like most other software products, is not protected from all sorts of failures. And at any time your computer may simply not turn on. If this is to happen, it will be necessary to call for professional help for data recovery. And even if data recovering is not necessary, it will be followed by a long process of installing the operating system, device drivers and contributed software. Not to bring to it and do not waste your precious time, you need to think about it in advance, and make a backup copy of the operating system (windows 7, windows XP, etc.). For creation of the system image you must use the Symantec Ghost. The utility allows you to create images of disks and partitions, as well as restore data from them. The program allows you to work from DOS, thus reducing the likelihood of errors and increases reliability of the process. The main advantages:
• Full backup and recovery of the system (disk image)
• Additional compression and encryption
• Backing up files and folders
• Local and external backup
• Accelerating the creation of images compared with standard operating system based on proven technology.
• Significant time and cost savings while creating images, deploying, migrating and managing systems.
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