Gfwl Offline InstallerGames for Windows – Live – is free online gaming service for Windows, as well as Xbox Live, which are focuses on online playing. It allows PC users to connect to all devices that support Windows Live, including Windows Mobile and Zune. User upon registration receives a unique Gamertag, which is compatible with Xbox Live, and allows you to play online, monitor the status of friends, send and receive messages, collect achievements. In addition, there is a cross-platform voice chat. In some games players on the PC can play together with the players on the Xbox 360. One of the first games with the title of Games for Windows – Live became Shadowrun, which was released simultaneously on Windows Vista and Xbox 360 May 29, 2007, and the first service that offers cross-platform play between Windows Vista and Xbox 360 through the service LIVE. Key features:
• Cross-platform play between users of the Xbox 360 and Windows in some games
• Automatic updating of games
• unified identity
• The system of player profiles
• Achievement system and the related system Gamerscore
• Store games and additions Games on Demand
Like Xbox Live, Games for Windows – Live does not support all of the countries. The service was closed August 22, 2013. Previously purchased games will continue to be available through Games for Windows Client Live, but the service of purchase will not work.
You want to play in GFWL that are not saved on your profile and cannot add them? From the link below you can download GFWL OFFLINE INSTALLER for free.


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