Geniusnet Com Tw DriverSay you just bought a new computer and, with excitement, you unpack it and set it all up. The first thing you want to do is print out some photographs of the last family party. So it’s time to head back to the store to buy a printer. A printer is known as a peripheral device. A computer peripheral is a device that is connected to a computer but is not part of the core computer architecture. A peripheral device is generally defined as any auxiliary device such as a computer mouse or keyboard that connects to and works with the computer in some way. Other examples of peripherals are expansion cards, graphics cards, image scanners, tape drives, microphones, loudspeakers, webcams, and digital cameras. There are many different peripheral devices, but they fall into three general categories:
• Input devices, such as a mouse and a keyboard
• Output devices, such as a monitor and a printer
• Storage devices, such as a hard drive or flash drive
Genius — is the main trademark of the Taiwan corporation KYE Systems, the producer of computer peripherals. The company was founded in 1983, with headquarters in Taiwan and branch offices in the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Hong Kong and China. Under the name of Genius the KYE corporation releases graphic tablets, game manipulators, keyboards, computer mice, earphones and garnitures, speaker systems for personal computers, and webcams.
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