Gangnam Style is the name of a music dancer video sung by a Korean rapper Psy. It was posted on YouTube and created a record of sorts as it became viral and was watched by millions of people from around the world. The real name of the singer is Park Jae Sung but he is lovingly called PSY by his fans. The song became a rage among the masses and it was followed by hundreds of parodies and copies. This video broke the record held by Justin Bieber with his song Baby as it was seen by nearly a billion people. Gangstam Style MP3 was actually a song from the singer’s studio album called PSY 6. The song reflects the lavish lifestyles of the rich Korean people living in a district called Gangnam. This video has been recognized by Guinness World Records as the most watched video on internet. This video went on to win the award of Best Video at MTV European Music Awards in 2012. This song topped the charts of most popular songs in nearly 30 countries of the world. The dance moves of PSY as seen in this video have been attempted by many political leaders and sportspersons.