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Nowadays smartphones have replaced all old versions of mobile telephones. The name smartphone was acquired because of its capabilities, old Symbian mobile phones work with only one application at a time, when smartphones came out they had multitasking, meaning you can work at the same time with many applications (as long as you have enough random access memory and processing power).

Today’s smartphones can offer their users a dual or even quad core processor with a one or two GB of operating system, powerful graphic chip and a camera of 12 MPixels or more! Modern smartphones can easily record video in HD or even FullHD quality at 30 frames per second. You literally have a portable video camera with you at all time. With your smartphone you can take pictures and record video anywhere as long as your smartphone is charged and has free space on its internal storage.


Fxguru Megapack Unlock Code Generator Software

Android based smartphones have a large database of various applications, some are of pure practical use, others are for fun. The FxGuru application is somewhat in between of these two categories. With FxGuru you can apply various effects and filters into your recorded video. Besides adding cinematographic special effects and image filters, you can also add a background sound or music, be it an environmental sound or your favorite song.

Fxguru Megapack Unlock Codes

The FxGuru Megapack offers a lot more effects, filters and overall features compared to the standard version, yet it require an activation key. With FxGuru Megapack unlock code generator you will gain unlimited and full access to the application. Start using FxGuru Megapack today by downloading the unlock code generator from our website by clicking on the button below. The download is 100% free!