free windows 7 product key generatorWindows 7 – one of the most modern Windows operating systems currently developed to meet the changing needs of end users and IT professionals, both in the office and beyond. Windows 7 supports multiple design options of the user interface:
• Windows Aero – the original style of the multicolored frames with transparent windows, used by default.
• Windows 7 – a simplified style – Windows Aero is disabled with some features (such as transparent windows, Windows Flip 3D, AeroPeek). System requirements are much lower than for Windows Aero. Available in all editions of Windows 7 and is the ultimate in edition of “Starting”.
• Classic – the minimum system requirements, window decoration in the style of “classic” theme Windows 2000.
• Custom themes – users dissatisfied with the Windows 7 interface can design and implement their own design style based on one of the above.
The coast of the operating system is depends of Windows 7 edition. Windows 7 Ultimate is the most expensive. You can install it for free by downloading the FREE WINDOWS 7 PRODUCT KEY GENERATOR!

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