Flexsmart X3 ManualFlexsmart X3 is a very useful Bluetooth FM transmitter. It has couple of key features that you can see below:

  • -Instant Bluetooth
  • -Auto-Scan to find ideal FM station
  • -Hands free Calling
  • -Universal USB Charging

Besides these awesome features, this device is very small and it has a perfect design to fit your car. It has an adjustable flexible neck and very beautiful light white coloring. With Flexsmart you can easily transmit music from your smartphone to the car speakers.
If you are looking for technical specifications of this incredible car device, here they are:

  • -Bluetooth Version V2.1
  • -Frequency Range: 88.1-107.9
  • -USB Output: 5V 1.0 A max
  • -Bluetooth Profiles: HSP, HFP, ASDP, AVRCP

By far Flexsmart X3 has recommender itself as a very simple-to-use transmitter that you can plug in your car. Not it is a wonderful interface, but also it can become your phone and tablet charger. Charge your device via bluetooth or usb cables.
To know more things about this great FM transmitter, you should download this awesome Flexsmart X3 Manual. Just click on the green button at the end of the post and you will be able to download Flexsmart X3 Manual for no cost at all. Read it carefully and you will know all the specifications, compatibilities and features that this transmitter can provide. I think, that this transmitter is very useful in each and every car. I am using it for almost a year and it was just very helpful indeed.